What are the advantages and values of high temperature labels

As a new type of label developed, high temperature labels are widely used in many special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air-conditioning compressors, etc. High temperature label paper has good natural degradability and will not affect The environment causes pollution.

There are many materials for high temperature resistant labels. There are ordinary high temperature resistant labels, such as PET, which generally do not exceed 120 degrees. In most cases, high temperature resistant labels refer to professional high temperature resistant labels above 120 ° C. Different high temperature resistant materials are more versatile. The temperature is not the same. The range of high temperature resistant labels provided by Shenzhen Huxinheng Technology is: 120 ℃ ~ 700 ℃, which can be used in electronic circuit boards, SMT tin furnaces, steel, tires, automobiles, ceramics, medical Wait for all walks of life.


All the high temperature labels we provide have passed UL certification and are suitable for thermal transfer printing technology. All high temperature labels can achieve the waterproof effect. Users can refer to the following when selecting high-temperature labels:

  1. Anti-300-degree high temperature label, high resistance to 315 ℃ / 50 minutes, no falling off, no deformation, can withstand various chemical substances erosion and various wear, can maintain the stability of quality, achieve the lead-free industrial process International standard


  1. 400 degree iron high temperature label. The high temperature label material uses polyimide film as the base material and is coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. The tape has excellent high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and chemical resistance, and Non-toxic, odorless, harmless to human body and the environment;


3, 600-degree high-temperature labels, mainly for steel, casting, aluminum and other high-temperature industries digital label design and production, steel, aluminum, casting products need very eye-catching number identification.


It is based on a polyimide film and coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive; its high temperature resistance can withstand temperatures up to 350 ° C (the time when the font falls off is inversely proportional to the temperature); In addition, the high temperature label has a unique Surface with high-gloss coating, strong resistance to abrasion, dirt, chemicals and harsh environments. Can withstand reflow and wave soldering and high pressure solvent cleaning of various chemicals.


High temperature resistance, non-toxic, flame retardant, chemical corrosion resistance, good insulation properties are the advantages of high temperature resistance labels, which can be used on electrical products that require heat resistance and flame resistance, and can also be used in chemical devices that require corrosion resistance. Especially under the conditions of high temperature, high humidity and high frequency, it still has excellent performance, which can be achieved: not falling off, not deforming, resisting various types of chemical erosion and abrasion, and maintaining quality stability.

High temperature labels, because of their excellent characteristics, are most commonly used in mobile phone internal labels, mobile phone battery internal and external standards, various electrical appliance labels, notebook computer labels, and mechanical and electrical product labels.After understanding the characteristics of high temperature labels, let's take a look at the industrial applications where most of them are used.


High temperature labels can be used for circuit boards, ESD, electrical cables, hot rail steel, aluminum, ceramics, flame retardant materials, chemical resistance and friction materials for barcode identification. It can also be used for a variety of printing technology finishing, such as potential transfer, inkjet, laser, needle, flexo printing and thermal transfer ...


High temperature label material is based on polyimide film and imported high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The tape has very good high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and chemical resistance, and is non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to humans and the environment. Due to its ultra-low release peeling force (automatic die-cutting, waste disposal, labeling), it is suitable for recognizable tracking labels in PCB, steel, aluminum and other high-temperature occasions, and can be made into various high-temperature labels. It is very convenient to use and it is a new type of label developed in recent years.


High temperature labels can be produced according to customer needs. Because PET has excellent dielectric properties, and has good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistance, it is widely used in many special occasions, such as electronic products produced under high temperature conditions, mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air-conditioning compression Machine and so on.


The characteristics of high temperature labels are mainly the use of ultra-thin polyimide materials, which are noble and not expensive under the premise of ensuring excellent quality. Save your logo cost and let you get the best price-performance ratio; Ultra-thin characteristics meet the trend of miniaturization and high-density development of 3C products such as MP3 circuit boards; Maximum resistance to 315 ℃ / 50 minutes without falling off, Does not deform; resists various chemical substances and various wear; maintains quality stability; meets international standards for lead-free industrial processes.

High temperature labels are also used in special industrial environments, such as:


  1. Application in SMT printed circuit board manufacturing process.


  1. Application of permanent identification, warranty label, nameplate identification.


  1. In the case of exposure to extreme temperatures or exposure to strong chemicals, durable labels with good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are required.


It can be seen that the application range of high temperature stickers is very wide, so what should you pay attention to when choosing a label? The following three points are worth noting:


  1. Is the manufacturer formal:


There are more and more bad businesses. When buying high temperature labels, you must choose a word-of-mouth printing factory, so as not to buy bad labels, which increases the tedious work of returning goods.


  1. Whether the label quality passes:


If the label quality is not high enough, in the high temperature environment, the label itself melts first, which will damage its own product. Only by passing the label quality can its own product be guaranteed.


  1. Is the label stickiness standard:


If the label stickiness does not meet our requirements, it will add a lot of unnecessary costs.


We can customize the high temperature labels, say your custom requirements, and the self-adhesive printing factory can print the label products that make you satisfied!