What is the Blood Bag Label?

Physical examination items such as physical examination, entrance physical examination and entrance physical examination provide many conveniences for people, at the same time; they also promote the vigorous development of blood bag label market.


At present, the label of blood bag is mainly used in two categories: blood bag and vacuum blood collection vessel. For the label of blood bag, it mainly uses self-adhesive material and mainly use material is synthetic paper. The glue is solvent-based and hot-melt adhesive. The blood bag of the pasted object is PVC material. For the vacuum pumping of blood vessel, it mainly uses the self-adhesive material, which mainly use the art paper and synthetic paper as surface material. At the same time, it uses a small amount of pearlescent film and white PE material.


Blood Bag Label

Specifically, the name of the synthetic paper used for the blood bag label is synthetic paper. It is made of polyolefin and other resins and inorganic fillers by extrusion process. It is a multifunctional material with the characteristics of both plastic and paper. Synthetic paper is a new plastic material; it is also a kind of environmental protection material, which has the characteristics of love in the pen, high strength, tear resistance, good printability, shading, UV resistance, durability, economy and environmental protection and etc.

As the synthetic paper production process is pollution-free, can be 100% recycled, recycling, is a major reform of modern paper production. In the selection of glue, the compatibility with blood bag PVC material is mainly considered, because hot-melt glue is easy to react with PVC and has potential penetration risk, so solvent glue is the best choice.


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Label bags in vitro using tissue paper: synthetic paper, polyester

Label bags tube using the based of paper: Glassine

Label bags tube die way: Semi-wear

Bags tube sticker adhesive type: Permanent

Label bags can be glued to the tube medium: glass, plastic, blood bags, test tubes, laboratory equipment

Label bags tube operating temperature: -196 ℃ ~ 110 ℃ -196 ℃ ~ 130 ℃

Label bags tube shipments aging: 48 hours the number of common materials shipments, special materials and quantity agreed upon.

Label bags tube distribution: Ordinary packed by the company after the completion of the vehicle, courier and logistics company.

Label bags tube purchase price to pay: to pay the company account.

Label bags tube Instructions: Wipe clean sticky media first, and have enough pressure and contact time, make full contact with the media label, in order to achieve the best effects

Storage bags tubes Label: film packaging, avoid direct sunlight, placed in dry air, do not put flammable materials around the volatile products..

In addition to the name, gender, number, blood type, date of blood collection and storage period of the blood donor, the contents of the blood bag label shall specially include the results of various routine physical examinations of the blood donor, the approval number and health license obtained by the blood station or blood collection institution, the regulatory department, and the certification institution if any; There should be instructions and precautions on the label of the blood bag or in the blood bag, including:

① the blood (or product) can't be used in the following cases (such as serious blood fat, hemolytic, clot and foreign matters);

② the blood bag is damaged, and the label content is unclear;

③ the blood (or product) must be used under the guidance of the doctor, if there is any abnormal reaction, it should be reported to the relevant department, and the use should be stopped immediately;

④ Strengthen environmental protection, blood bag recycling, etc.


Management of the blood bag label in the blood transfusion department of the hospital: the blood bag label of the blood transfusion department of the hospital can refer to the label quality management of the blood station; the blood bag label of the blood transfusion department of the hospital only prints some transfer bags, which should be different from the blood bag label of the blood station; In recent years, the label of leukocyte filter blood bag for leukocyte filter transfusion carried out by the blood transfusion department of the hospital has not only the original label content of the blood bag, but also the date and operator of the blood filter.