What is the glow in dark label?

Night light label, also known as night light sign and night light sign, is a self luminous material with light storage function. A label that can absorb visible light and emit light without illumination is called a luminous label. It can absorb sunlight, light and other visible light for 20 minutes at the bright place, and can last for more than 12 hours. No poison, no harm, no radioactivity. With no power supply, it is a kind of energy-saving product. Other materials related products include tempered glass, PVC, pet and other luminous exit direction labels.

Combined with the existing label printing process and the existing label materials, the product performance is unique. For example: wine labels can be made of transparent materials and exquisite printing to achieve the effect of no label visually, and the effect of self illumination in the dark can increase the visual impact of the product and greatly improve the brand value.


Custom Glow in the Dark Labels Product Description

Glow in the dark sheeting film can absorb light and belonging to dare LED series, the light-storage products can be customized. It is made up of PVC/PET material and can be eco-solvent inkjet.

  • It needs 5-20 minutes for glow in the dark sheeting film to absorb light to saturation with different illumination intensity.
  • Absorbing light and glowing is a process of physical change, which can cycle and convert infinitely.
  • When glow in the dark sheeting film absorb enough light, it can glow in the dark for 2~10 hours with high initial phosphorescent light and descending light.



Custom Glow In the Dark Labels Quick Details

  • Item No.: WL-900
  • Glow time:2-4 hours; 6-8 hours; 10 hours
  • Size: 24m*45.7m (customized)
  • Thickness: PET 0.36mm; PVC 0.46mm
  • Durability:Indoor 3-5 Year
  • Surface film:PVC (Printable); PET (Not printable)
  • Color: Yellow-green
  • Adhesive type: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Properties: Absorb light and glow in the dark
  • Application: Egress marking tapes, safety marking, and other guiding signs
  • Feature: Non-toxic, Non radioactive, high initial luminance, long duration

This Glow in the Dark Sticker is highly demanded by clients due to its eye-catching features like: Labels that light up like a firefly in the night. The phosphorescent. Links accumulates light and show a distinct afterglow in the dark. Two eye-catching shades: greenish yellow and reddish orange. Screen printed gives a thick, tangible result.


Glow In The Dark Stickers are a hard wearing, waterproof glow in the dark sticker solution that's great for safety signs, or even Halloween stickers! These look particularly good with black or dark colors to contrast the bright green glow. They look great with a glowing background or reversed out so text glows from inside a black or dark background.





Application of Glow in Dark Stickers: (Can be customized according to your request)

  1. Posted on all kinds of equipment and articles.
    2. Can be Well printed with any image you want; can be cut into various shapes.
    3. Widely used in public security areas such as hotels, corridors, office buildings, theaters, warehouses, cabins, underground passages and so on.
    4. Widely used for home decoration and safety, such as pasted onto the switch, telephone, handles, and electrical appliances, as well as stationery, toys, sport entertainment venues and so on.

Glow in the dark sheets is a self-luminous film through absorb light then glow in the dark. It including photo luminescent sheets,glow in the dark heat transfer  film,glow in the dark fabric,and glow in the dark plastic material,etc.

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