The guides for the cold food packing labels

The cold food needs to be stored in the low temperature. Otherwise the food will go bad easily. Such as the salad, the milk, meat and so on especially in Summer day. Cold food packing labels use what kind of material is decided by the store temperature environment.

Material choose

Because the cold food packing labels is used for the cold food, so must choose low temperature resistant materials. Normally if store the label in the refrigerator or the cold room and the temperature is not over -20 degrees. Can use the vinyl material is ok. This kind of the material is waterproof, oil proof and UV proof. It can also withstand -20 degree. And it can also make printing.

There are several materials can choose, such as the white PP material, white PET, white PVC and transparent label and other vinyl material. These material are widely used in many areas.

The material can have different finish, the gloss, matt, brushed, clear and so on. Their material characters are same. All the material are waterproof, oil proof and UV proof. They have different ductility and different finish.

cold food packing labels

If the cold food packing labels is full page printing, all the material is suitable for you. If you do not want to cover the original color for the container or the package bag, you can choose the clear finish material. This one is perfectly for product labels, weddings, and stylish events. Clear labels are printed with white ink, and are UV coated to give them more abrasion resistance and waterproof durability. Clear labels can be color printing, foil hot stamping, silkscreen printing to give them more special, stand out.

If you want the cold food packing labels look like has some metallic sense, you can choose the brushed finish material. If you do not have special request, the matt finish and glossy material are widely used.

And all the material can do many different craftworks. In addition to ordinary printing, there are also embossed and foil craftwork, has a varity usage and low price. Foil And Emboss Label Sticker are printed with colorful ink, and are glossy or matte laminationed to give them a little bit waterproof and oil proof. Foil And Emboss Label Sticker can be foil hot stamping, with emboss as well, to give them more special, shinny and stand out.

cold food packing labels

Notes for the label

  • Before you stick the label, the attached object need to be clear because if the surface for the object is not clear, the label will fall off easily even if you haven’t put anything in the fridge yet.
  • The attached object need to be dry before you stick the label, if the object is wet the label will fall off easily also.
  • The cold food packing labels need to store at 25±2℃ at 600±5% RH and need to be used in one year, if the store time is too long, the label’s glue will be not so sticky compare with the new label.