Hologram Labels Are More Than Just Shiny

What is Hologram label?

When it comes to hologram label, our typical reaction is shiny. But in fact, these types of labels are more than just pretty and flashy. The process used to create a hologram is called holography and this is defined as “a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object, and then presents it in a way so that it’s 3 dimensional.” First, a single image is captured from many angles. Then all those angles are printed onto the foil. The result is a picture that looks three-dimensional even though it is flat. The label material used under the holographic foil is generally a light-diffracting metallic silver, as the holographic images “pop” more against a shiny or bright background. When moved, the diffracted light makes colors and shapes appear to shift and move. Generally, the patterns are simple – regular or slightly irregular shapes, or lines of text – because they don’t need to be very complex to resist tampering or counterfeiting.

Hologram Labels Are More Than Just Shiny

How to protect your products with hologram labels?

The steps involved in making a hologram are very complex. It involves reflecting a laser beam off an object. The laser beam is split into two halves using a mirror, one half of the laser beam bounces off a mirror, hits the object and reflects onto a photographic plate. The other beam bounces off another mirror onto the same plate, creating the hologram. and some holograms use patterns to hide the image so that it is not visible to the naked eye and must be read with a laser or some other type of scanner. Holograms may also be used to store information that can only be interpreted by a laser, such as movies or music recorded on a Blu-ray disc.

The process of creating holograms is technically challenging and it requires skill and expensive and specialist equipment. New techniques and materials are constantly being introduced in the production of holograms making it increasingly difficult for holograms to be copied.

Hologram Labels Are More Than Just Shiny

Another safety feature of most hologram stickers is that they are created to be tamper-proof. If an attempt is made to peel them off of the product to which they have been affixed, the sticker comes apart and self-destructs in a way that prevents reuse. Generally, some of the holographic material will stay on the product as the rest of the sticker is peeled away, leaving a pattern of dots, checks, or even words such as “void” across the surface of the product. This makes it easy to detect tampering and prevent theft and unauthorized return attempts.

Using tamper evident hologram stickers can help to reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs through theft each year. When custom artwork is placed on a self-destructing hologram sticker and affixed to packaging across openings, packaging cannot be opened and then re-sealed. If the seal were a normal sticker, it could be replicated, removed, and replaced, allowing someone access to the contents of the package. There would be no way to know when or where the theft occurred during the shipping process. Stickers are more effective and less expensive than security systems for preventing theft during shipping.

Tamper evident seals also prevent the customer from damaging the item and then returning it with the claim that the product was never opened. While dishonest appeals such as these account for a relatively small amount of loss, it is significant enough to justify the minimal cost of the labels.

What can hologram label be used on?

Security hologram label can include many different types of designs, from your company logo, a special image, or custom text. This is why they are well-liked in the retail industry, as brands can make a custom hologram to use on their packaging. As an added bonus, this also gives the product extra shelf appeal as it easily stands out as being premium quality and original.

Hologram Labels Are More Than Just Shiny

Custom holograms are also great for promotional items, for example, any official merchandise given for an event or branded items you may distribute for business purposes. These holograms don’t just look appealing but they also offer brand protection, so they work twofold when it comes to securing and affirming the identity of your products or documents.

If you are serious about fighting duplication fraud, you may also want to think about using holographic foil to embed security features. These holograms can be applied to various products; including tickets, vouchers, certificates, gift vouchers, ID cards, and numerous other items.