Inkjet printer labels for printing the top quality photos

In this age of high tech photo quality printers and incredibly powerful graphic programs you need high quality label materials without the high price tags. At Laser Inkjet Labels it is our goal to be your high quality, yet affordable inkjet labels for home or office printing. So where you need sheet adhesive labels for your business, warehouse, home office, school or craft project.

The inkjet printer labels are widely used in many areas, such as foods package, bottles and containers, scrapbooking, wall murals, car stickers, small business product labels and much more. As we know, As we all know, labels such as labels can sometimes be used with ordinary non-waterproof labels, but most of the time products can not avoid the phenomenon of sunshine and rain. If the labels are still used with ordinary non-waterproof labels, it is difficult to maintain the labels for a long time, such as sticking on bottles and salads, etc., similar to this. If something is stored in the refrigerator, it must be waterproof. Of course, for this purpose, you can use inexpensive non-waterproof copy paper if it's simple and only for the outer case marks.

inkjet printer labels

The waterproof inkjet printer labels have glossy inkjet printer label, matte inkjet printer label and clear inkjet printer label.

In fact, this kind of waterproof inkjet printer label is actually the vinyl material. As we all know, inkjet printers can't print the vinyl material. But because the surface of this material has a special coating for inkjet printing, it can be printed by the inkjet printer. If you print with a laser printer, the effect will be best. This kind of material you can make printing as your preferences, so that you don't have to customize the labels. It's expensive to find factory-specific labels.

Color inkjet printer paper is very different from general paper, because water-based ink is usually used in color ink-jet printing, and water-based ink will be absorbed and diffused quickly when accepted by general paper. As a result, the printing requirements can not be met either in color or in clarity (using materials with poor water absorption can not absorb ink); Color inkjet printing paper is the product of deep processing of paper. It is a special coating treatment on the surface of ordinary printing paper, which can absorb water-based ink and make ink droplets not diffuse to the surrounding area, thus maintaining the original color and clarity completely.

inkjet printer labels

Printing paper weighing 60-180 grams can meet the requirements, while ultra-thin printing paper weighing less than 60 grams can easily be fed into paper at the same time. So the inkjet printer label is more thicker than the normal label, to avoid paper jams, please only feed one sheet at a time.

It suit for many different inkjet printers, such as HP Printers, Canon Printers, Epson Printers, Samsung, Sharp, Kodak and others. And the standard size for the label is 8.5*11 inch.