The Instructions of the High Temperature Label and Tag

As we know, each product should be labeled with a label to indicate and mark the price. Ordinary products can be labeled with ordinary labels, but some special products need special labels. Such as the electronics industry and metal industry. Because many of the productions need to be in high temperature situation or be dealt with the high temperature. So the label must resist the high temperature.


High temperature labels, it is a kind of permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and for thermal transfer printing opaque white matte coating polyimide label. Label maximum operating temperature can reach 300 ℃, is designed for lead-free electronics manufacturing process and design. Label Suitable for reflow and wave soldering process, product tracking, but also for the next PCB board and board.


Polyimide material is lightweight, flexible, resistant to heat and chemical, offer ultra-high temperature performance by withstanding up to 280°C. Therefore, they are used for barcode label tracking in printed circuit board industry.

The PCB label and the barcode label on the PCB the thickness is 1 mil to 2 mil is enough. The temperature is about 280 degree.

Our high temperature label materials are 1.0 mil & 2.0 mil, gloss or matte white tomcatted polyimide film face stock with acrylic adhesive, can be used for the tracking of automobile engine production process control and electronic components traceability, excellent for tracking labels on printed circuit boards exposed to the wave solder process. The material is thermal transfer printable; matches with our thermal transfer ribbon can print high definition of barcode serial number.

  • Features:
  • Excellent high temperature resistant up to 280°C
  • Excellent chemical erosion resistant
  • Excellent Weather resistant
  • Conform to ROHS Directive
  • Idea for barcode solutions


  • Application:


  • Permanent use, PCB board SMT placement process with a high temperature labels.
  • Suitable for aerospace, automotive, electronics, displays, cables, power supply,
  • product identifica-tion, card and mobile phone battery label applications.



  • Product Selection:
Film/FaceThicknessTop CoatAdhesiveOperating Temp.Printing side
PI1.0 milMatte WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side
PI1.0 milGloss WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side
PI2.0 milMatte WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side
PI2.0 milGloss WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side
PI3.0 milMatte WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side
PI3.0 milGloss WhiteAcrylic-40°C ~300°Cone side


In the metal industry, such as the Aluminum products industry, the temperature of the label need to up to 500 degree.

Crystal-Code specializes in providing label solutions for the steel & iron industry. Heat-resistant label enables identification at an early stage in the manufacturing process. Rolling processes in the steel industry lead to separation and combining into bundles or coils. These batches need proper identification for lot traceability. Due to the high temperatures they are usually marked directly using the inkjet method. Generally, these solutions cannot be read automatically. The risk of mix-ups can therefore not be excluded. High-temperature labels are suitable for barcodes and therefore ensure a reliable material flow.

Crystal-Code has developed several solutions for this application. They are divided by temperature in categories up to 300 °C, up to 500 °C and to a maximum of 850 °C. There are functional and economical solutions for barcode identification for different products, types of processing and requirements.

But the normal high temperature label can’t use in the iron industry. As we know the iron industry the temperature can be over 800 degree. But the normal high temperature label cannot be over 800 degree. If use the normal high temperature label on the iron productions, the label will be destroyed or ruined.

Our high temperature tags can withstand temperature up to 1000℃ (1850F), can be used for iron and steel, casting and aluminum industry. In addition, it can be used with standard thermal transfer printers for on-site printing.

We are professional in producing the high temperature label and solving the problems for our clients. We can supply different labels as clients different requests. If you do not know what kind of the label and tag is more suitable for your productions. You can contact with me and I think you will be satisfied with our service.

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