The Introduction of the Hologram Label

Now there are many imitations in every industries. For maintaining the interests of regular sellers. Many sellers choose hologram label. Because this kind of label can do many different special technical design. Will make a detailed introduction for the label.


The material for the label is waterproof vinyl laser material, we have 25um thickness and 50um thickness material for this kind of label. The material is also oil proof and UV proof. Hologram label adopt the laser holographic color map and the molding replication technology  complete the label. There are some realized the way of model: dynamic lattice light, one-time special laser film, optical 3D micro background, colorful optical random interference, in both English and Chinese uranium shrink text.


General users were observed by the naked eye, but also through the microscopic observation of internal block equipment characteristics, so as to identify the authenticity. The characteristics: the same stencil pressed out of the label is the same, but template in the lithography process by various parameters and environmental conditions influence, is unlikely to make complete blocks with the same template, which is the laser marking the most important security features.


1.Crack the fake production and protect the quality goods.

2.Prevention of financial fraud.

3.Maintain public safety.

So this kind of label is widely used in Digital, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and many other industries.

Some sample

Uncovered hologram label

This kind of label will leave the text and the pictures after uncover the label. The surface is same as the normal hologram label, but after uncover the label, there will leave the text or the words on the item.

Uncovered hologram label

This kind label is widely used in seal , such as the food package seal, cosmetic package seal and so on.

Uncovered hologram label

Scratch off hologram label

Plus a coating on the label’s surface, after scratch off  the label, you can see a number on the coating, you can search the number on the pointed website.

Scratch off hologram label

This kind of label is for the fake production. It is used for the wine, medicine, Audio and video cultural production.

Scratch off hologram label

Dual channel laser anti fake

Dual channel effect we can see different content is different point, there are two layers. It is hard to steal.

Like the picture, you can see the left side is different with the right one, because the different shooting angle.

Dual channel laser anti fake

And we also have other different type hologram labels. Such as the QR code hologram label, multi view dynamic hologram label, Pearl opal hologram label, Micro optics hologram label and so on. We can customize hologram labels as your different purposes.