What Materials Can You Use for food packaging labels?

Food labels have an important role in attracting customers. They have to be visually inviting and accurately labeled. They are often made out of semi-gloss or gloss paper, but they can be made out of any standard label material: PET film, vinyl, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.

You should think about the following when making a decision about your food packaging label:

Will the product be stored in the freezer?

Will the product be stored in extremely hot conditions?

Will the product be subjected to rough shipping/handling?

Will the product be stored in a warehouse for a longer period of time (longer than several months)?

Is cost a very important factor in deciding on the food label stock?

These factors will determine the choice for your product label. It is really important to communicate all these details to your printing professionals, because lack of accurate information can lead to inadequate label material for your food packaging label.


We print custom food package labels every day and for over 10 years our printing expertise and quality standards have been helping customers just like you stand out in a crowded market place. Whether you need labels, stickers, flexible packets, or shrink sleeves, we can print what you need in accordance with SGS guidelines.


Purchasing food package labels  is an investment in your product and brand. The right label drives sales, builds recognition with customers and delivers a tangible return on investment. To meet these goals, your label must:


Catch shoppers’ eyes and distinguish your product on store shelves

Convey the value of your product to customers

Create a memorable, trusted brand

Communicate all FDA-required information

A wide range of specialized labels has been developed to assist manufacturers in achieving these goals. Sure, there’s certain information and layout formats that the SGS requires from a label. But labels have a lot to offer beyond those requirements. Different label types excel in different areas, and food producers should spend some time thinking about what they most want out of their food package labels .


Is it most important that the label is durable and highly adhesive so that the food item is never without its label or too faded to read? Does the label need to convey a large amount of information? Should your label be delivering some other benefit to the consumer, like a coupon or a rebate?

Silver Foil Lable add a high-quality, luxurious look to your product. The SILVERVAC material gives your packaging the extra oomph it deserves. They can be used for industrial, consumer product and apparel packaging, as well as event packaging like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and more for that stylish or flashy look you're going for.

Gold Foil Lable are printed with a shiny, metallic finish, these gold foil stickers are perfect for sealing gift boxes or packaging and give your products an elegant look.

Paper (Standard)Roll Lable andat a reasonable price. Paper Roll labels are easy to dispense and distribute. They are the most popular economic choice for blank packaging label branding.

Clear Roll Lables& Clear Lable Sheets have great full-color reproduction, which will ensure your logo or label design looks great - particularly on glass objects. Perfect for Honey or Jam jars and Beer bottles, the durable, tear-proof material with permanent adhesive will help keep your label intact and in place on your product.

Aluminum Foil– labels made with this material can withstand certain temperatures, are ideal for use indoors or outdoors and are pretty resistant to abrasion. These are ideally used for asset tags, model and serial tags, warning and information labels and for branding. Care should be taken when applying these labels however since wrinkles and creases can form Vinyl – this kind of a material is often chosen when the user wants a label that essentially “floats” off the surface. In other words, this is the material you choose when you want your label to not have a background. These are usually used on glass and other clear surfaces due to this quality. This particular material can also be used for other purposes due to its durability and ability to lie perfectly flat on the surface that it is attached to. This can be used for warning labels, branding and for asset management.

Polyestererable polymer is a great material for use in making labels that are to be exposed to harsh conditions. These are often chosen by those who know their labels will be subjected to rough handling, hot and cold temperatures, chemicals and other similar substances and conditions. These are resistant to abrasion, UV rays, water and a whole lot more. Due to its durability, you will easily find labels using this material used on machinery, as warning tags, as instructional labels and many more


Pressure-sensitive labels

Shrink sleeves

Cut-and-stack labels

Flexible packaging

Extended content labels

Instantly redeemable coupon (IRC) labels

Traditional rigid packaging

Pressure-sensitive labels are the most common for food, so we’ll go in-depth here about some of the areas in which they excel, and some considerations that should be taken into account when they’re used.


Purchasing considerations for pressure-sensitive labels

When purchasing a pressure-sensitive label (PSL) for your food packaging, you’ll need to consider not only your design vision and budget but also the environments your product will see. All product labels must withstand shipping and handling, while freezers, refrigerators, pantries, coolers and outdoor settings present many hazards, such as:


Extreme heat or cold

Humidity, moisture and condensation


The outdoors

For your label to meet your durability, cost and design requirements, it must use just the right materials. There are four parts of a PSL food label:


Topcoat — finish applied to protect and enhance a label

Face stock — primary label material with printed designs

Adhesive — adheres label to product

Liner — PSLs come on rolls (or liners) and are peeled off

We’ve gone over lots of information today about waterproof water food package labels . And now you can make the best choice between all of these options for your schedule and budget.