How to Remove Void Label?

Want to get inside one of your electronic gizmos but there's a void label standing between you and the freedom to tinker? Fear not, for there are ways and means that will allow you to take back ownership of your devices and remove that sticker without damaging it.

Void Label

Here few tips to remove void label:

1. Warm up the label

The easiest way to remove void label initially is to warm up the label with a warm air hair dryer (to “melt” the adhesive) and peel it off slowly, taking your time. In most cases, the label will remove completely intact with no residue. Try removing any remaining residue with a strong adhesive cello tape or you can wipe the surface with an acetone. Please note that this can mark your surface so test on obscure place first.

2. Soak the label

Alternatively, soak void label in warm water for 10 minutes. Most labels use water based acrylic adhesives, so water can help the removal process. The sticky label residue can then be rubbed off with your fingers.

3. Label removal using chemicals

You may have to use chemicals (particularly with paper labels) if the above methods do not work. Soaking the label with solvents will soften the adhesive and enable the label to be peeled off cleanly. Recommended solvents include vinegar, cigarette lighter fluid, white spirits or Q20 (the South African equivalent of the world leader WD40). Whatever method you use, test beforehand on an unseen section of the surface to make sure that the solvent will not damage the surface. Covering the adhesive residue with flour before applying a solvent can sometimes help.

4. Last resort to removing labels

As a last resort, a stronger organic solvent such as acetone (similar to nail varnish remover) could be used. This will probably mark many plastic or coated surfaces permanently.

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6. Window Cleaner

Spray window cleaner on the sticker then use a razor blade to remove it, but the trick is to pull the sticker up slowly. Go too fast and you’ll spend many unneeded minutes picking away at it piece by little piece. And be careful, this is glass we are working with. That being said, it is okay to use a razor blade but there are certain things to remember. Scrape at an angle and be sure the blade isn’t dull.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

Apply rubbing alcohol to the sticker, then wait a few minutes and slowly peel it away from the glass.

8. Nail Polish Remover

The acetone in nail polish remover breaks down the adhesives behind stickers. Use it the same way you would rubbing alcohol (above) or to remove particularly stubborn nail polish – dab some on a cotton ball, apply it to the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes, and then peel or rub off the sticker and any remaining adhesive.

9. Goo Gone

The sole purpose of products such as these is to yes remove that sticker goo. So if other methods fail, this may be your savior. If you don’t want to buy it, try making your own with a mixture of baking soda and olive oil. Measure some baking soda into a bowl and then use half the amount of olive oil and mix. Dip a paper towel or a cloth into your mixture and start rubbing.

10. Cooking Oil

It’s not meant to break down adhesives or other sticky stuff the way Goo Gone is, but have you ever been able to get something to stick to a surface that has had oil on it? Cooking oils – vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil – all work the same way other solvents would in this case, by breaking down the sticker and allowing you to peel or rub it off. Apply some to the problem area, ensuring you cover it to the edge of the sticker, and let it sit for a few minutes before removing the offending piece. Clean the glass afterward with warm water and dish soap.