How to remove void stickers?

In our daily life, we often use stickers to stick things, but when things die, there will always be some difficult to remove void stickers, leaving a scratch with a knife I can't get it off with water, so how to remove the adhesive? Removing void stickers from a surface. How can such a small, menial task be so thoroughly aggravating? So guaranteed to put you in a bad mood? It is such a nuisance of a chore that helpful suggestions abound on the internet: Use peanut butter, or olive oil, or vinegar, or mayonnaise, or eucalyptus oil, they say. We've written about these very methods. Approved of more than a few. Lots of things "work."

But here's the truth: I'm a lazy-bones. I do not wish to use an already-flimsy nail to pick off the paper layer for the first step. I do not not wish to scrub a caper jar with any sort of effort, or for any long period of time. I do not wish to repeat the oil-then-scrub system more than once, to get off all the sticker "residue." I do not wish to buy a particular fancy ingredient or product to put towards the purpose of sticker removal.

My tendency towards laze, which a friend once kindly referred to as an "appreciation of leisure," is combined with a lifelong disdain for time wasted doing things I do not like doing.I'm very fun to be around, did I mention?

Hence my chief complaint of most sticker-removal methods: Soaking alone doesn't get the sticky part off, and oil—without quite a lot of time to set in or multiple applications — won't take off that deep, under-layer of sticky label scuzz (the kind that you realize is still there even after all your dutiful scrubbing). No matter the wonder ingredient, it is a process that never seems to end.

So I took it upon myself to devise a more efficient, adaptable, muscle-free method for removing labels from glasses. You will need water, oil, a scouring sponge, and time for a "let soak overnight" step.

Here are 12 tips for how to remove void stickers and how to remove the traces of tape!


  1. Self-adhesive method for removing wind-oil essence Place the sticky area completely with wind-oil essence, and wipe it off with a dry cloth after 15 minutes. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can extend the soaking time of the wind oil essence, and then wipe it hard until it is cleaned.


  1. The hair dryer heats the offset printing. Turn the hair dryer to the maximum heat, blow it against the tape mark for a while, let it slowly soften, and then use a harder eraser or a soft rag to easily wipe off the offset printing. Application: This type The method is suitable for articles with relatively small traces of tape and longer time of offset printing, but the articles must have sufficient heat resistance.


3.vinegar and white vinegar to remove the self-adhesive method Use a dry dish cloth to soak white vinegar or vinegar, completely cover the labeled part and make it           completely saturated. After soaking for 15-20 minutes, use a dish cloth to gradually wipe along the edge of the sticker.


  1. Self-adhesive method of lemon juice Squeeze the lemon juice on the hand with sticky dirt and rub it repeatedly to remove the sticker.


  1. Medical alcohol soaked offset printing. Drop some medical spray on the surface of the traces of offset printing and soak it for a while. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Of course. The surface of the article with tape marks must be the type that is not afraid of alcohol corrosion. This method can also be used. If you have expired perfume or effective lotion, you can also use it to replace the essence, because there are certain ingredients in it. And these two can be applied to any article, the alcohol in Bi Jing is not too much. Scope of application: the surface of items that are not easily corroded.


  1. Method for removing adhesive with acetone The method is the same as above. The amount is small and thorough. The best thing is that it can quickly and easily remove these residual gums, which is better than spraying. Both of these are solvents, and are the best of all methods.


  1. To remove stickers with banana water, use An industrial agent to remove paint is also easily available (you can buy it where you sell paint). The method is the same as alcohol acetone.


  1. Nail-cleaning and water-removing offset printing does not matter how long the history is. The area of the offset printing. Just drop some girls' nail-washing water for nail polish, soak it for a while, then wipe it with a paper towel to ensure that the surface of the article is as clean as new. One problem. Because nail wash water is very corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of articles that are afraid of corrosion. For example: lacquered furniture, laptop case, etc. Therefore, the use of nail wash water to remove the traces of tape is very useful, but we must pay attention to protect the items with traces from corrosion. Scope of application: Offset printing has a long time, large area, difficult to clean, well and not easily corroded surface


  1. Use hand cream to remove the sticker first, tear off the printed products on the surface, then squeeze some hand cream on it, rub it slowly with your thumb, rub the sticky residue for a while Rub it down. Just slow down. Hand cream is a kind of oily substance, which is incompatible with gums. Degumming uses this feature. The materials are easy to find and very convenient.


  1. Eraser erases offset printing. We often used this method when we were kids when we were young. We wiped with an eraser. The rubber dust can just stick the traces of glue. Scope of application: for small areas and newly left marks. For The large traces of tape are futile.


  1. Computer cleaners. Offset offset is usually used to wipe the camera lens and computer screen. It can also be used to wipe off the traces of tape. Scope of application: It is effective for tape printing on smooth items.


  1. Time-saving and labor-saving " Degumming agent "