Return address label- Advantages that you can get by Adding Return Labels in the Packages/Envelope before Shipping

What is return address label?

In postal mail, a return address is an explicit inclusion of the address of the person sending the message. It provides the recipient (and sometimes authorized intermediaries) with a means to determine how to respond to the sender of the message if needed.

The return address should include an address or P.O. box details in the same way as the delivery address should. In countries like the United States, the return address is located in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope, card, or label.[1] In the United Kingdom, the return address is usually placed on the reverse of the envelope, after the words "Return address".[2]

Businesses often use envelopes preprinted with a return address. Many individuals have sheets of adhesive labels preprinted with their home address to affix to their correspondence. Charities sometimes include such sheets in mailshots. Rolls of return address labels can be purchased from companies that sell personalized labels to provide individuals an easy way to peel and stick return address labels to their envelopes.

The return address is not required on postal mail. However, lack of a return address prevents the postal service from being able to return the item if it proves undeliverable; such as from damage, postage due, or invalid destination. Such mail may otherwise become dead letter mail.[3]

Should the return address be of a different state or country, the mail may be routed through that location for ease of return.


The return address has been used on U. S. postage since the 1880s. As pressure printing became more commonplace during the early 1900s, labels became cheaper and more easily distributed. The profession involved with producing these labels was known as lithography.

During the 1950s in the United States, more and more mail was not arriving at intended recipients, and as a result of the lack of a return address, said mail ended up in the dead letter office. With this rise in dead mail, the post office pleaded for people to use a return address. Even after this, the public still tended to neglect to add a return address. This prompted the postmaster to inform the public that mail without a return address would be less of a priority than mail with a return address.

Still, the public did not widely use a return address until the 1960s when companies began to offer deals for preprinted return labels such as 2,500 labels for $2.00. They became more popular with the invention of label dispensers. With the invention of the personal computer, software-enabled people to print their own labels. As email began to overtake written mail, the return address became automatic in an e-mail.[4]

There has been a lot of discussion in ecommerce community regarding the topic of product returns. It has been noted 53% of times that consumers would seem satisfied with an average online store's return policy; and other people would expect for more leniency in other instances. Furthermore, about 91% of consumers think that whether or not they purchase an item from an online store depends upon the company's return policy.

To keep track of product return rate and to implement the better return policy, you can use shipping software. The benefit of using this software is that you can compete with the big ecommerce player by implementing effective policies that would not only be beneficial for you but also for the customers. One of the options that you can consider is using the scan-based labels. You can add these labels along with the products packed in cardboard boxes that you send to the customers.

The scan-based return labels

If you want your customers to get a facility to return your product without printing a label or asking for it from you, you can include scan based return labels in the packages you send to the customers. One of the great benefits of using these labels is that you will bear the expense of package coming back to you only when it is dispatched by consumer. Simply including the label wouldn't cost you anything. With that said, you can print as many labels as you want, because you will be charged for the ones that will get used.

Better customer experience


Better customer experience is everything that you need for better revenue. The factors such as convenient checkout, fast and inexpensive shipping, reduced order processing time and better communication are the ones that can surely help in improving the customers' experience. Nevertheless, a better return policy is also the huge aspect that can improve customer experience. According to a report by UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, about 34% of the total online customers expect the ecommerce store to add a return label with the package. By offering an easy choice to return the product, you can increase the chances of repeated purchases made by the customer.

Does the inclusion of return labels really increase product return rate?

Based on a local survey, any well performing business that deals only with the good quality products may have to deal with product returns only 1 time in a month. Thus, including the return labels wouldn't really increase the number of returns, but it will definitely convey a message that you value your customers.

Although, It may be argued that adding a label would increase the number of returns but, in the end, it doesn't mean that providing convenience guarantees the utilization of that convenience. Furthermore, a disliked product will come back to you no matter what; so why not make it easy for the customer?

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