How to Tell the Printable Side of A4 Inkjet Paper Sticker?

Have you tried printing something using a printer and it printed on the wrong side of a4 inkjet paper sticker? Did it print on the opposite side that you wanted? Did you waste a bunch of a4 inkjet paper sticker you needed to print? Did you double print on one side of the paper? It can be frustrating and wasteful when you have to reprint your important documents. When you are using a printer you are not familiar with, here are some tips to help you to always print whatever you are printing on the correct side of the paper.

A4 Inkjet Paper Sticker

Today we will share a useful tips with you :

Tip 1,  Print a sample a4 inkjet paper sticker – if it is rubbish, you have printed the wrong side, flip over and try again. This is wasteful and time consuming so only use as a last resort.  To be more scientific, use tips as below.

Wet your thumb and forefinger and pressing paper into one of its ends, the right side to sublimate it will be stick more firmly to the finger and this is because it is the side containing the polymer layer that makes it ideal for sublimated.

A4 Inkjet Paper Sticker

TIP 2,   The most difficult to tell are the a4 inkjet paper sticker which are very white on both sides.  There is a subtly difference on the coated side which is going to be a little smoother than the uncoated side.  You can sometimes also tell by running a fingernail across the surface. The coated side will catch a little whereas the uncoated side will appear to be a little smoother.

Tip 3,   If a4 inkjet paper sticker is typically packed print side up in the box. If you have the box handy, compare your paper in-hand to some from the box. You might be able to match the sides with a quick examination.

Tip 4,   If that does not work, take a close look at the paper under bright light. The coated side should look more uniform with an even pattern. The back will look more uneven and possibly rough. In some cases you will be able to make out the fibrous structure of the paper stock.

Tip 5,  Make a small mark on the front and back with a highlighter. The brighter more well defined mark is on the coated side.

A4 Inkjet Paper Sticker

It almost goes without saying, a4 inkjet paper sticker can be printed both sides. Inkjet printing papers have a special coating on the printing side that is designed to control the ink from spreading when it hits the paper and thus creating a blurred image.  People always ask their supplier “which side to print” , normally the answer is “the brighter side is the printing side” , but for some people who have bad view , just like me, are incapable of telling the very small difference between two things, then we still have a big problem in identify the correct side, Above tips would solve your problem.