What is the temperature indicating sticker?

Temperature indicating is made with the help of temperature change ink, which can change its color rapidly with the change of ambient temperature, so that the colored object has a dynamic color effect. It shows specific color or colorless at normal temperature, and changes color according to high and low temperature changes of temperature.


This is a relatively new temperature measurement technology. It adopts the temperature sensitive color change temperature measurement technology, which can stick to the tested equipment, change the color or display the temperature number with the change of the equipment temperature, and thus master the temperature change of the equipment.



(1) It is especially suitable for parts, external surfaces and objects in life-threatening environment that cannot be or are difficult to be measured by ordinary thermometers. Such as temperature measurement of transistors, integrated circuits, chemical reaction tanks, engine bearings, conductive buses, switches, connectors, transformers, etc.


(2) It is convenient for inspection. If the temperature changes, the color will change. People can take measures to avoid accidents and prevent them from happening.


(3) The product is light, easy to carry, and easy to install. If there is a thermo chromic patch that is not suitable for glue, it is very convenient to use. Just peel it off.


(4) When measuring the same number of temperature measuring points, the cost is saved compared with other temperature measuring tools.


Discoloration mechanism

There are various mechanisms, but they are all a series of chemical and physical changes after the object is heated. The change of molecular structure leads to the change of reflected light color. For example, crystal transformation, sublimation, dehydration, oxidation and decomposition cause the frequency band transfer of light scattering.



  1. There are two forms of high temperature disappearance, high temperature discoloration and ink color after heating, According to the color change; it can be divided into single color change or multi color change, reversible or irreversible. For example, liquid crystal color changing products can change red, green, blue and other colors within a specified small temperature range. Different colors correspond to different temperatures. With the recovery of temperature, the color also recovers, belonging to the reversible multi color series. Only one color change occurred in the single color change series. Color irrecoverable is an irreversible series. In most industrial production, it is impossible for someone to always be present at the temperature measuring part, and it needs to be observed by people's patrol inspection. Such parts need irreversible color changing temperature measuring products. Its color does not recover after warming, that is to say, the color that has been over temperature is preserved. Because it can record the accident process and hidden danger of over temperature, it is favored by users. In some cases, people want to have both the advantages of reversibility and irreversibility. Therefore, the products that can be reversed and have the function of recording also come into being.


  1. Irreversible type


There are two kinds of thermo sensitive ink: color developing and color changing. The appearance of the color developing irreversible thermal ink is colorless. After being heated, it will show color. After cooling, the color will no longer return to colorless; the original color of the color changing irreversible ink will change from one color to another after being heated, and the color will no longer return to original color after cooling.



  1. Reversible type


There are three types of reversibility: coloration, achromatic and discoloration. Color rendering reversibly becomes colorless in appearance, presents color after heating, and recovers to colorless after cooling; color fading reversibly means that the original color disappears after heating, and recovers to original color after cooling; color changing reversibly means that the original color changes to another color after heating, and recovers to original color after cooling; color can be changed rapidly with the change of ambient temperature, so as to be colored Objects have dynamic color effects.


  1. Anti counterfeiting can be detected by hand


The discoloration principle is that the chemical structure inside the ink changes when the external temperature reaches a certain temperature range, so that the logo presents different colors. The identification method can be used to touch the logo with your hand or forehead, or gently breathe in front of it, or use high-temperature heating to change the logo pattern, so that the user can immediately identify the authenticity of the purchased goods.


  1. Low temperature identification anti-counterfeiting


This anti-counterfeiting technology is specially used for beverage and refrigerated food industry.




In order to better select the temperature measurement standard suitable for users, the general product specifications are 40℃, 50 ℃, 55 ℃, 60 ℃, 65 ℃, 70 ℃, 75 ℃, 80 ℃, 85 ℃, 100 ℃, 120 ℃, and higher or lower temperature patches.


In the part where the temperature standard has been defined, in order to make the single temperature point white to red, the detection is more intuitive and obvious. If the observation distance is not far and the light is good, choose a 1.5cmx1.5cm temperature measuring patch.

If the observation distance is far and the light is not good, choose a larger 3cmx3cm temperature measuring patch. Round thermometers are also available. The colors available for selection are not only white to red, but also self yellowing, green, black, etc.


If you want to have a wider temperature measurement range, or do not have a temperature measurement standard for a while, you can choose several temperature measurement patches at the same time. In order to distinguish different temperatures, you can use different sizes or different colors or different positions to indicate the difference of color change temperature. For example: 60 ℃ white to black, 70 ℃ white to green, 80 ℃ white to red patches are used in the same part. After over temperature, different colors indicate different temperatures; 70 ℃ 2cmx2cm can also be used, A small piece of white and red temperature measuring piece, 80 ℃ 3cmx3cm and large piece of white and red color combination indicate two temperatures.


Alternatively, you can choose the white and red color patch of random cutting type, and use scissors to cut different types of temperature at different temperatures to indicate the difference of temperature.


If you want to choose right temperature indicating label for your productions, contact with me and we can recommend the suitable label for you.