How to use temperature label sticker and how to choose it?

How to use temperature label sticker and how to choose it?


Temperature label sticker is widely used in the storage and transportation of food with temperature requirements. When the measured object exceeds the required temperature, the color of the Temperature label sticker will change slowly. Customers can know the time when the temperature exceeds the standard according to the color change on the temperature label paper. You only need to paste the Temperature label sticker on the object to be measured or on the outer package or packing box of the product and press the open key. The operation is simple and the result is clear at a glance. There is a common transportation of yoghurt.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the medicine should be stored in a dark, dry and cool place. If not properly preserved, the medicine will deteriorate and become invalid. It is most susceptible to temperature during transportation. Temperature label sticker can not only effectively monitor the whole process of transportation, but also the original unqualified temperature record in the logistics process will not change with the change of temperature and time. Therefore, it is widely used in medical supplies, vaccines, blood / plasma, capsule products, chemical medicine medical transportation and blood transportation.


Product features of temperature label paper: 1. Temperature label sticker is irreversible and easy to read; 2. Temperature label sticker has a built-in time delay to be applied in an appropriate ambient temperature; 3. Temperature label sticker is easy to be activated at room temperature - no need for any pre-regulation; 4. When the temperature is lower than its stop temperature, stop recording; 5. Temperature label sticker is easy to be attached to the product or package; 6. Temperature label sticker Safety and irreversibility of label paper

Type of temperature label paper. There are 8 grids, 10 grids, 5 grids, 3 grids, 6 grids, 4 grids micro, and clock array, and single grid. There is a column of squares or dots on the small sticker, representing different temperature values. When the temperature rises to this temperature point, the squares will turn black, and will not return to the original color even after the temperature drops. In this way, you can know the highest temperature that the object has experienced, and you can know whether the object has overtemperature without long-term monitoring, The temperature sensitive paper can be used as a strong evidence of qualified quality. There are many types of temperature label paper to choose from. The product conforms to BS EN ISO 9001 standard, and can measure the temperature and body temperature. The temperature label paper can also be used to check the temperature change when the machine is running. Temperature label sticker can get the highest temperature that an object has ever experienced, so as to know whether there is overtemperature. Temperature label sticker has oil resistance and water resistance, no danger and toxicity.

Application of temperature label paper in household electrical appliances industry: the color copper material of electrical appliance shell needs to be baked with coating and appropriate temperature to obtain the best effect. Before spraying process, use temperature label paper to test and judge whether it reaches the required temperature. Electric power company (power generation and distribution): paste the temperature label on the generator, motor and transformer. If the temperature is found to be over temperature, it means that there has been a problem in some part of the system. You can immediately seek solutions to prevent major accidents. Railway Company: pastes temperature label paper on wheels, axle boxes and rails, and regularly checks whether it is over temperature, which can ensure normal operation of vehicles and driving safety of electronic industry: some resistance components, printed circuit boards, etc. will damage their normal functions if they encounter high temperature during transportation. Therefore, pastes temperature label paper on components during transportation, and the receiver can be assured that they have not over temperature, So that the shipper can also take this as the evidence of qualified quality. Process industry: attach the temperature label paper to the object to be heated together, and then you can know whether it has reached or exceeded the required temperature, such as the combination of fusible lining on textile, the glue seam of footwear and other products, and the baking of paint products. Medical and health: the temperature label paper can ensure that the sterilization and disinfection of appliances, samples, etc. have reached the required temperature. Others, such as helicopter engine, high-pressure switch, aircraft black box, cooling water radiator, temperature sensitive chemical storage rack and temperature detection of various parts of the racing car


Typical application of temperature label paper:

It has different temperature test models, such as 40C °, 60C ° and 80C °. The real-time temperature can be seen at a glance through the temperature change of temperature label paper. According to the actual situation of Cu relay, after many times of monitoring and testing the performance of temperature label paper, we finally chose to test the temperature label paper of 60C ° model to monitor the Cu relay. When the EMU is out of the depot after maintenance, the temperature label paper shall be pasted on the relay shell. During operation, once the relay temperature exceeds 60C, the silver sensing area of the temperature label paper will turn black and the color will not change back again. When the EMU is in the depot again for maintenance, the operator can immediately know the status of the Cu relay by checking the color change of the temperature label paper It is only convenient for the maintenance personnel to find and replace the burned relay in time, and it can also prevent the occurrence of faults during operation, so as to ensure the safe operation of EMU. As of August 30, there was no fault of EMU due to the burning of Cu relay after using temperature label paper. Although the temperature label paper is small, it can monitor the major problems in the operation of EMU, which is really the "guardian angel" of relay. Temperature label paper can accurately and reliably read temperature data without electronic equipment. A simple color change result from white to black can measure the temperature result. (when the temperature rises to this temperature point, the square will change to black, and will not return to the original color even after the temperature drops, so that you can know the temperature that the object has experienced). It is convenient to use and low in price, High accuracy (+ / - 1% of calibration temperature), fast reaction speed (generally 1-5 seconds), temperature label paper usage and storage