What’s the wet wipes labels and the tips for the labels?

The wet wipes label is very common in our life and we all know, but when it comes to raw materials for wet wipes labels, many people may not know exactly what kind of raw materials they are using. The wet wipes labels' purpose is to be easy to uncover and to be able to uncover repeatedly.

The label size is decided by the size of the wet wipes package bag sealing. So before you buy the wet wipes label, you need to know the size of the label clearly for preventing the back label from not working. And labels can have printing or not. Of course, a printed label will be more expensive. Sometimes the label not only for the sealing but also can be for decoration.

wet wipes labels

Surface material

Surface material for the wet wipes label must be waterproof, usually has three different material:

  • The transparent PP material as the picture shows, this kind of label always have no any printing only for sealing.
  • The coated paper with plastic film, this coated paper is not waterproof originally, but after add a plastic film the label will be waterproof. The label always have printing not only for sealing but also for the decoration. This label price maybe cheaper than the vinyl material wet wipes label.
  • The semi gloss PP material. this kind of material is waterproof originally and it is also can have printing or not, the label also can be sealing and decoration. The price will be much expensive than the coated paper with plastic film.
wet wipes labels


Labels have many different glue such as water base glue, oil base glue, removable glue, tire use glue and so on. There will be different types of glue for different uses. The wet wipe label must use removable glue because the label need to uncover repeatedly. And because the wet wipe touch our skin directly, so the glue for the label must be safe.

wet wipes labels


  • The wet wipes label need to store at 23±2℃ at 50±5% RH and need to be used in one year, if the store time is too long, the label’s glue will be not so sticky compare with the new label.
  • Before stick the label, the surface for the wet wipes sealing part need to be clear and dry, otherwise the label will be fall out easily.
  • It’s not always easy to create a quality label for products. So it is best that you can find a good designer and make a good quality artwork for the label can attract more clients. And it is best that you can supply the vector file for the label such as the PDF file, AI file. The JPG file will influence the printing quality.